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Student Spotlight: Bria Moyer

Student Spotlight: Bria Moyer
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Day student Bria Moyer ’25 (Green Lane, PA) is excited for her junior year at Perkiomen. Passionate about soccer, she plays both for Perkiomen and a club team so that she can play year-round. This dedication makes her a key player for the Panthers on and off the field.

Bria says, “My coaches' emphasis on teamwork has transformed me into a stronger and more compassionate teammate, both on and off the field. These qualities will serve me well beyond my playing years.”            

Bria also credits her coaches and advisors as pillars of support: "They have helped me in so many ways. It all starts with them listening. I know if I ever need anything they will always be there, and I can come to them whenever I need to.” 

She has also learned that maintaining a routine is important in helping with time management, academics, stress reduction, and a positive outlook. This balance also allows her to enjoy lighter moments at Perkiomen, including sitting in Coach Fernandez’s classroom watching World Cup games with her teammates before school to cheer on their favorite teams. 

Perkiomen has not only enriched Bria’s life through sports but has also encouraged her to take risks – including looking at being recruited for college soccer. Her advice to fellow students is embrace moments for growth, conquer fears, and lean on the support of those around you. Bria’s journey is a testament to the boundless opportunities that await those who embrace the challenges and rewards of being a student-athlete at Perkiomen School.